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Campbell's Soup Cans
Dyson DC22 DC24 2010
2010 / Cleaner, LED Lamps, Acrylic Board / W650 x H1500 x D650mm

Campbell's Soup Cans
Soft Mobile-Phone 2008
2008 / Fabric, Stainless steel pipe / H1100 W630 D400mm

Campbell's Soup Cans
Campbell’s Soup Cans 2008
2008 / Digital Printing / H460 W380 D15mm

  Bicycle Wheel
Bicycle Wheel 2008
2008 / Chair, Wheel, Front fork / H1500 W635 D400mm
Fountain 2008
2008 / Toilet-bowl, Acrylic / H360 W320 D770mm
  As I Opend Fire
As I Opend Fire 2008
2008 / Digital Printing / H728 W1030 D25mm
Version Up

A system to revise in a new work by replacing the motif of the existing work with a modern thing.
The upper works revised five lower works.

Jeff KoonsClaes OldenburgAndy WarholMarcel DuchampMarcel DuchampRoy Lichtenstein