Wheel of Matter

Wheel of Matter
2007 / Silver folding screen, Hide glue, Chalk, Japanese ink, Vermilion / W3760 x H1810 x D18mm
New Nihonga (Japanese-style painting),

Only drawing in a Japanese color and line is not Nihonga.
I advocate "ZEN-POP" which is expression of a primitive and pop new Nihonga.

Ruining is a reproduction.

Meaning of "Wheel of Matter" is metempsychosis of the material.

"Mushroom" drawn in this picture is a kind of the fungi, and has the role of resolving the fallen leaf, Kutsuki, and the dying animal in the natural world. In a word, they will remain without rotting away for a long time as it is in the place if there is no existence of fungi.

It is not, and it is happy, and we also think as a material and rotting away because all living things and materials can be reborn to the following "Something" by the thing that is resolved and rots away, disappearing, and going have repeated transmigration of the soul since the moment of the big-bang because it is unhappy.

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