TimeScape 2011

Japon Immediate Issue

Charity art exhibition of works on paper by 43 Japanese artists for the victims of the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Japan, March 11, 2011.

All the Japanese artists who were asked to participate responded with enthusiasm, because they want to show that they continue to create and they want to help with their creativity the victims of the disaster. And it also gives them the opportunity to exhibit their work in Switzerland.

New ways to create an exhibition:
– Works sent digitally (without air transport of the works)
– Printing the works in Switzerland
– An exhibition fully downloadable

All exhibited works are sold at a price of 200 CHF. Every work is a single edition print on paper (size 89.5 x 128 cm) and signed on the back. They are printed by Paperforms in Switzerland.
The same works, but in a reduced size, are also sold on the internet http://www.medamothi.ch/ and can be downloaded at a price of 50 CHF for any private use: printing it on home printers or using it as computer wallpaper or screensaver.

[ 会期 ]

[ 場所 ]
Gallery Medamothi
Route de Combremont-le-Grand 8
1536 Combremont-le-Petit (Switzerland)
Gallery Website

[ 参加アーティスト(43名) ]
Ryuichi ABE / Haruka AKAGI / Shuji AKAGI / Akane ASAOKA / Keiichi CHIGASAKI / Yumi ENOMOTO / David FAVROD / Yoshie FUJIOKA / Manami FUJIWARA / Shisei HASHIMURA / Michiko HAYASHI / Hideo HIRABAYASHI / Masashige IIDA / Noriaki IMAI / Shingo KANAGAWA / Jin KATAHIRA / Koshi KAWACHI / Yasuo KIMURA / Ryoichi “Keroppy” MAEDA / Tomoaki MAKINO / Aiko MASEKI / Emi MATSUNAGA / Shoko MIKI / Kozue MORITA / Umi NAKAJIMA / Takeshi NAKAMURA / Yasuko NAKAMURA / NAOSHI / NOB / Go OGAWA / Miki SADAYUKI / Takafumi SAITO / Yoshiaki SEKIGUCHI / Shinji SHIMADA / Asako SHIROKI / Mum TAKAYASU / Koji TAKIGUCHI / Shinobu “Terry” TERADA / Mitsuo TOSHIDA / Kazuki WATANAVE / Kenji YAMADA / Noriyo YASUNAGA / Nobuo YOSHIKAWA

[ Project History ]
Brigitte Rambaud, director of CSID showroom Medamothi to Combremont-le-Petit and Akane Asaoka, director of RED CUBE Gallery Tokyo, met in Barcelona in 1992 and worked together on several exhibition projects.
After the triple catastrophe of March 11, they had the desire to create together a positive project: an exhibition of support, which would be organized in Switzerland and where Japanese artists whould offer their works to be sold for charity.

Akane Asaoka came for a short stay in April to Combremont-le-Petit with her daughter of 4 years and her husband who had exceptionally obtained the permission to work outside the office.
George Oliveira, the husband of an artist of the gallery Medamothi, organized a meeting with Cédric Perroud, director of the printing company Paperforms, Villars-Ste-Croix, who accepted without hesitation to print gratuitously the works of the artists.

Back to Tokyo, Akane Asaoka has contacted the artists with the help of Yasuko Araki, curator of the Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art. The number of forty artists had been decided during the preparation.

The photographer David Favrod was added to the list of artists because of his double identity Swiss-Japanese. He is the only one who has already showed in Switzerland.

Due to the discussions after the nuclear disaster about the right use of energy, we decided to reduce the carbon footprint and not to ship the art works. All the works were sent through Internet.

Pauline Lalondrelle of the LUFF Festival, Lausanne, joined our team and she proposed for the opening Swiss musicians who love Japan.

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